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Fizzarotti Palace

The Gothic-Venetian style in the center of Bari: Palazzo Fizzarotti Palazzo Fizzarotti is one of the many jewels of the city of Bari; located in Corso Vittorio Emanuele, right in the center of Bari, Fizzarotti's is a Gothic-Venetian style building built in the 1900s by the banker from whom the name was then inherited, Emanuele Fizzarotti. […] Find out more

The Margherita Theatre, built on the sea

A historic theater built on the sea of ​​Bari: let's discover the Margherita Theater The Margherita Theater is one of the most characteristic and symbolic monuments of Bari. Visible in the distance both from the seafront and along the entire Corso Vittorio Emanuele II (full city center), the theater rests its foundations directly in the sea of ​​Bari. Its history […] Find out more