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A historic theater built on the sea of ​​Bari: let's discover the Margherita Theatre


The Margherita Theater is one of the most characteristic and symbolic monuments of Bari .
Visible in the distance both from the seafront and along the entire Corso Vittorio Emanuele II (right in the city center), the theater rests its foundations directly in the sea of ​​Bari .

Its history is very fascinating: it began in 1910, coinciding with the birth of the Petruzzelli Theater (the major theater in Bari ), with an entirely wooden structure which, however, just a year later, was destroyed by a fire which is still today the causes remain unknown.

The reconstruction took place in 1914, this time in reinforced concrete, but with the foundations still in the sea, thus going down in history not only for being the first reinforced concrete structure built in Bari but above all for being the only building in all of Europe built on stilts .

Even the Margherita theatre , like other historical monuments in Bari, was seriously damaged by bombings and the events of the World War; however the structure was refurbished and within a short time it was converted into "Cinema Margherita" .

However, after several years of film screening, also due to the cinema crisis, the theater closed and was abandoned to itself.

Only a recovery and restoration plan for the theatre, launched around the 2000s, has given the right importance to this important monument; today the Margherita theater has begun to live again, no longer as a theater but as a cultural container dedicated to exhibitions of national and international .

Margherita Theater of Bari
Margherita Theater of Bari
Margherita Theater of Bari illuminated

Where is the Margherita Theater located?

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