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The pretty village of Cisternino

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In the heart of the Itria Valley, a labyrinth of white alleys: welcome to the village of Cisternino 


What to see in Cisternino in Puglia

In the beautiful Valle d'Itria , the authentic and pulsating heart of Puglia , another ancient village emerges which, together with those of Alberobello , Locorotondo , Martina Franca and Ostuni (they are all very close to each other) certainly deserves a pleasant inspection.

In fact, among expanses of olive trees, vigenti and trulli , we find a village also counted among the "most beautiful villages in Italy" , whose labyrinth of white alleys that characterize this lovely historic center will lead you to the continuous discovery of the typical Apulian charm , of its homes and the scents that envelop the streets and squares of Cisternino .

To visit the village of Cisternino you don't need a precise itinerary, on the contrary, the beauty of this place lies in letting yourself follow your instincts and wander aimlessly, because every road or shortcut you take will always be a pleasant surprise. If you then need a point of reference to begin your experience in Cisternino , then the advice is to start your journey starting from the Municipal Pine Forest , as well as from the Belvedere della Valle d'Itria .
At this point you can not only enjoy a wonderful landscape, but above all head towards the ancient village which is just a few meters ahead, recognizable by a small uphill road with the typical street lamps of Cisternino .

Cisternino, an Apulian village worth seeingThe spectacle of Cisternino begins by climbing this street (Via San Quirico) which leads to the Church of San Nicola ; from here a side street will take you into the village of Cisternino, as well as towards Piazza Vittorio Emanuele , the main square of this precious ancient village whose "Clock Tower" will certainly become your main point of reference. In this square, in fact, you can first taste a good ice cream and then finally begin to delve into the splendid labyrinth of the historic center of Cisternino , as well as immerse yourself in the style of its homes, small boutiques, bars, trattorias and charming souvenir shops. Speaking of eating, know that walking through the alleys of the historic center means letting yourself be seduced by the smells coming from the local kitchens and above all from the butchers' shops! Yes, because if there is one thing that you cannot help but try on site it will most likely be a nice plate of Apulian "bombette" ; these are delicious meat rolls usually filled with cheese and cured meats, but the imagination of the seasoning is also at the discretion of the butcher you find. These meat bombettes are typical of the Itria Valley , they can be accompanied with bread and you will obviously also find them in the beautiful Cisternino .

Belvedere Valle d'Itria Cisternino Puglia
Alleys of Cisternino in Puglia
Cisternino, Apulian village in the Itria Valley
Piazza Vittorio Emanuele Cisternino Puglia
Beautiful villages in Italy Cisternino Puglia
What to see in Cisternino in Puglia
What to see Cisternino Apulian villages
What to see in Cisternino Valle d'Itria
Visit Cisternino in Puglia

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Where is Cisternino located?

Km from Bari
Minutes by car

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