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The glamorous nightlife in a central street

Between glasses of wine and fusion cuisine: in the university quadrilateral, the nightlife of Via Roberto da Bari Via Roberto da Bari, in the heart of the university district of Bari, has become the symbol of a nightlife that is renewing itself, expanding its boundaries beyond the heart of Bari shopping and the ancient village. Once […] Find out more

4 urban gardens to experience nature first-hand

From flowers to vegetables, to fruit: discover some urban gardens managed directly by the Bari community. If you are a nature lover then you will most likely be interested in discovering these curious urban gardens. These are, essentially, initiatives aimed at stimulating contact with nature in different areas of the city, those places where […] Find out more

In the premises of Poggiofranco

Entertainment and fun: Poggiofranco among your points of reference. The Poggiofranco district, in addition to being among the most modern districts of the city, is also a place for the Bari nightlife. Rich in clubs, the Poggiofranco neighborhood has always played a role of aggregation and entertainment for the many people from Bari in the area or in the neighboring neighborhoods. Thank you in fact […] Find out more

The aperitif in Poggiofranco

Poggiofranco, the heart of modern Bari and nightlife The Poggiofranco district is one of the most modern districts of the city. It experienced strong development around the 1990s and still continues its strong expansion today with new buildings intended for homes and commercial activities. Being full of clubs and some hotels […] Find out more