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Poggiofranco, the heart of modern Bari and nightlife


The Poggiofranco neighborhood is one of the most modern neighborhoods in the city. It experienced strong development around the 1990s and still continues its strong expansion today with new buildings intended for homes and commercial activities.

Being full of clubs and some high-class hotels, the Poggiofranco district has captured the attention of the Bari community and above all of the nightlife .

Being an area full of offices and homes, the streets of Poggiofranco are always quite busy, until the working day of the people of Bari ends and the premises open; therefore the streets are emptied (so to speak) and the many bars, restaurants and pizzerias in the neighborhood fill up, resulting in a nice stroll of young people and families intent on choosing the right place to enjoy a pizza or savor a drink in company.


Where is the Poggiofranco neighborhood located?

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