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The elegance of Trani

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Sea, monuments and clubs: the charm of the city of Trani


Traveling along the Bari , towards Foggia (therefore towards the North), you will find several towns, including Trani.

Trani is another seaside city characterized by a lovely seafront , full of commercial activities, and above all by two characteristic monuments: the Romanesque cathedral and the Castello Svevo .

The Romanesque cathedral is one of the symbolic monuments not only of the city but also of Puglia and with its bell tower (almost 60 meters high) dominates and characterizes the seafront of Trani .

Another attraction is certainly the Swabian castle, commissioned by Federico || of Swabia way back in 1233 to defend the port.

Not only history but also nightlife ; In fact, Trani is very popular not only for its buildings and historical monuments but also for the many clubs present in the area.
In fact, there are many people from Bari who, especially on weekends, tend to move en masse towards the historic center of Trani , which has always been very welcoming and full of life.

When the sun , which is quite common in Puglia , the landscape of this city offers a breathtaking view, however it is also at dusk that Trani releases all its beauty, so the advice is to spend half a day in Trani ( perhaps from afternoon to evening) if you want to fully enjoy this "out of town" experience.

Trani is located about 30 minutes from Bari (by car), it is not very close but not impossible to reach either, thanks also to public transport that easily connects the Apulian capital with this city. To be seen!

For regional trains from Bari central to Trani visit the Trenitalia


Trani is near Bari


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