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Having fun wandering around Bari

What to do in the city? Ideas for entertaining between the center and the outskirts of Bari When you arrive in Bari your main area of ​​interest is definitely the centre, Bari Vecchia, the seafront, the shopping streets, squares and monuments characteristic of Bari such as palaces and theatres. But when you're out and about […] Find out more

Go around Bari on a scooter

Discovering Bari becomes fun. Rent an electric scooter and speed up your tour through the streets of the centre. Who knows how many of you would like to see Bari but don't have much time available to get around it. Maybe you will be here for work, or for a few hours of autonomy after getting off a cruise ship; however, […] Find out more

The sharing of electric scooters arrives: discovering Bari becomes one

06 July 2020 Go around and see the center of Bari on a scooter? Why not “Scooters Sharing” is a new experimental service made available by the municipality of Bari and which will allow you to rent electric scooters at a cost of 0.15 cents per minute. A highly requested and interesting initiative that will allow anyone who wants to get around Bari […] Find out more