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The sharing of electric scooters arrives: discovering Bari becomes fun

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06 July 2020

Go around and see the center of Bari on a scooter? Why not


Sharing scooter rental see Bari“Scooters Sharing” is a new experimental service made available by the municipality of Bari and which will allow you to rent electric scooters at a cost of 0.15 cents per minute.

A highly requested and interesting initiative that will allow anyone who wants to travel around Bari on a scooter sharing service at any time of the day (the rental of the electric scooter will be a 24-hour service).

News that will make not only the people of Bari happy but above all the tourists who will want to see Bari in an alternative and undoubtedly pleasant way.

For further details on the sharing service, please refer to the news sources:
Source 1
Source 2


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