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Exquisite advice

Where to eat in Bari? Discover suggestive places where you can savor the taste of typical Apulian products. Do you have a crazy desire to taste the typical Bari and Apulian products but would like some tasty suggestions? Then you are in the best section of the site. On this page we will suggest some of the many places in the area where you can join the […] Find out more

4 suggestive places in Bari Vecchia where you can taste typical dishes

If Apulian cuisine excites you, here are 4 suggestions for tasting typical local dishes within the walls of old Bari! Let's make a very quick premise: in Bari, and especially in the ancient village of the city, there are so many places where you can taste typical Bari dishes and products, however on this page we highlight only four, inviting you […] Find out more

Pit stop at McDonald's: where to find them in Bari

From the center of Bari to the outskirts, here's where the McDonald's restaurants are located. Do you love McDonald's sandwiches and are you looking for the closest restaurant to your area? Then you are in the right place at the right time. Bari is a rapidly expanding city from many points of view, primarily for tourism [...] Find out more

International Street Food returns to Bari

28 November 2019 The Street Food Festival returns to Bari again this year. Great news for street food lovers! The International Street Food Festival returns to Bari for its 27th stage, precisely in Piazzale Lorusso (San Pasquale district). The event, scheduled from Friday 29 November to Sunday […] Find out more

Music on the Bari coast

The southernmost coast of Bari: clubs by the sea and open-air music There is an area of ​​the Bari seafront, going south after the beaches of Pane e Pomodoro and Torre Quetta (towards San Giorgio), which began a few this year to be a destination for many young people from Bari. […] Find out more

Street food on the seafront

Street food and the seafront in Bari: the winning combination to satisfy the palate and the mind If there is one thing common to all cities it is certainly street food, but if there is something that not all cities have it is undoubtedly the seafront from Bari 😉 Street food is a very […] Find out more

In the premises of Poggiofranco

Entertainment and fun: Poggiofranco among your points of reference. The Poggiofranco district, in addition to being among the most modern districts of the city, is also a place for the Bari nightlife. Rich in clubs, the Poggiofranco neighborhood has always played a role of aggregation and entertainment for the many people from Bari in the area or in the neighboring neighborhoods. Thank you in fact […] Find out more

5 things to eat in Bari

Five Bari culinary traditions that you can't help but try Are you thinking of coming to Bari and are you curious to learn about the culinary traditions of this splendid seaside city? Then you are in the right place at the right time. Here you can discover some of the many typical products that you can taste in Bari and […] Find out more

The unmissable dishes

Specialties and traditions of Apulian cuisine: here are the typical dishes to savor in Bari Bari is a city worth visiting not only for everything it has to offer from a historical and cultural point of view, but also for its culinary traditions; Puglia offers an inexhaustible amount of typical local dishes and products […] Find out more

Local products

The typical products of Bari and Puglia that you can't help but taste! Here's what to eat in Bari "In Bari you eat very well". It's not just a person from Bari who says it but the many tourists who flock to this city every day, looking for dishes, recipes and typical local products. The ones you find in this […] Find out more