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Pit stop at McDonald's: where to find them in Bari

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From the center of Bari to the outskirts, this is where McDonald's restaurants are located


Do you love McDonald's sandwiches and are you looking for the closest restaurant to your area? Then you are in the right place at the right time.

Bari is a rapidly expanding city from many points of view, primarily for tourism being the capital of one of the most beautiful regions in the world (source National Geographic ) , and also from a commercial point of view since there are several chains of shops and restaurants that invest in this area. McDonald's is probably one of these, so much so that there are also several restaurants open in the city , among other things located in particularly strategic areas.

McDonald's has become almost a must for many tourists and travelers who travel the world, proving to be very useful especially when you want to eat a bite without spending big bucks and, above all, with the speed that has always distinguished this chain of restaurants , allowing young people and families to make a short and tasty pit stop before starting to explore the territory again.

Having said that, if you are a lover of American fast food , you should know that in Bari you will find several dining options ranging from the center of Bari to the outskirts of the city; this means that McDonald's can be reached even if you are conditioned to travel or if you don't even have public transport.

Let's find out why through the list of McDonald's in Bari .

1) McDonald's in front of Bari vecchia

This restaurant is located in the heart of the center of Bari , a stone's throw from the very popular Bari vecchia , at the corner between Corso Vittorio Emanuele and Corso Cavour. Ideal for eating a sandwich on the fly while staying close to the ancient village .

2) McDonald's in front of the Central Station

This restaurant is located in front of the central railway station of Bari , as well as at the end of the famous Via Sparano (or the beginning if start to follow it from the station) . This McDonald's is ideal for those arriving in the center of Bari by train or by bus.

3) McDonald's across from shopping malls

This McDonald's is located in front of the Leroy Merlin and Mongolfiera shopping centers on the outskirts of Bari , Here there is also the possibility to use the McDrive if you were in possession of the car, ideal for returning to the hotel with a tasty sandwich!

4) McDonald's across from IKEA

The McDonald's is located in front of IKEA , a very suburban area of ​​the city, which can most likely be reached by car. Here too there is the possibility of using the take away service.

5) McDonald's in front of the ring road

This McDonald's is located near the Bari ring road , heading towards the northernmost area of ​​the city. Very convenient if you travel a lot by car via this road; here too, for those who find take-away particularly useful, there is a McDrive .

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