BariExperience vedere visitare Bari dintorni Puglia

Around aboard the train

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Photos, stops and tastings: on a small train to see Bari and taste the typical Apulian products


Trenino Bus turistico Bari Puglia

The train is the means that allows you to go around the nerve centers of the Apulian capital to discover the main historical places and beyond.

In fact, these trains, very popular especially by families , are a nice and practical way to discover the "true" Bari in all its forms: from the main squares of Bari to historical monuments , from alleys of Bari Vecchia al seafront of the city.

Thanks to these excursions and guided tours you will be able not only to fully enjoy everything to see in Bari , but above all to live your all-round experience through the tasting of typical products from Bari and Puglia .

A real adventure in Bari that will catapult you into the places and the most ancient traditions , passing through the splendid and evocative streets of Bari Vecchia to the very famous Basilica of San Nicola , from the Norman Swabian Castle to the shopping and Movida streets.
A truly stimulating and ideal route, especially for cruise passengers who only have 3 hours or half a day to visit Bari and its main attractions .

Trenino turistico vedere Bari
Once climbed aboard the little train you will find very nice and professional guides waiting for you who will accompany you during your city tour and who will be your main point of reference for questions and curiosities about the historical places you will visit.

To offer this interesting tourist service are Il Trenino of Happiness and BariCity Tours . For more information on how to book a guided tour with the little train it is advisable to visit the respective websites.

The best-selling tours to see Bari

Opportunities to fully experience the city! And if you have an unexpected event, the cancellation is FREE .

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