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Art & Communication

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From concept to communication and corporate promotion: the services of Art & Communication, in the heart of Bari.


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Art & Communication is a Bari-based company specialized in the field of corporate communication and promotion, with a large showroom in the heart of the city.

A company with everything round, made up of a team of professionals with more than thirty years of experience in the field of communication, as well as young talents with a strong personality and the creative flair that this sector requires. The mission of Art & Communication is to fully satisfy the needs of its customers, with a 360-degree service that starts from the design of the concept to product development and delivery.

Art & Communication Bari sponsorReliability and professionalism are undoubtedly the peculiarities that characterize this company and that make it over time among the best points of reference in the sector for the entire area of ​​the region, with complete dedication to customers who, combined with the continuous search for innovation, make Art & Communication always an attentive, dynamic and avant-garde company.

The range of services offered by Art & Communication is wide, such as advertising on public and corporate transport, advertising campaign services, billboards, signs, flyers, calendars, diaries, and a vast range of material suitable for brand disclosure, such as letterhead, business cards, notepads and thousands of promotional gadgets.

Art & Communication sponsor BariexperienceNot only that, among visual communication and branding services, Art & Communication deals also of the study and creation of logo and brand identity, but also the supply of professional workwear, medical uniforms, those for restaurants, hotels, accident prevention, sports, corporate and security. Of course, there are also services oriented to Social Media Marketing and Web Design, with innovative and customized solutions for the creation of modern, functional and captivating websites. In summary, Art & Communication is a complete and expert company able to offer tailor-made solutions for every type of communication requirement, whether it is linked to brand promotion, the creation of a website or the personalization of clothing and gadgets.

For information and insights on all the services offered by Art & Communication in the field of corporate communication and promotion, consult the website

Contacts Art & Communication

ADDRESS: Via Colonnello De Cristoforis 13, 70123 Bari (BA)
TEL: +39 080 964 4802
INSTAGRAM: artecommunication
LINKEDIN: artecommunication

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