BariExperience see visit Bari surroundings Puglia

#WeAreHere: take a photo, tag us on FB and come out to BariExperience!

40 photos X 40 places to see.
An emotional guide to Bari!

PDF BariExperience what to see in Puglia

Take a photo with our PDF and tag us on Facebook.
The best photos will be rewarded!


Do you want to share with us your experience in Bari, Puglia? 😍
Take a photo and follow these very simple steps! The protagonist on our Facebook page could be you!

Download the “WeAreHere” PDF , print it on paper (even better if cardboard) and take it with you on your walks.

Have a nice photo taken near a monument or with a landscape in the background (even a selfie, or a group photo) and tag on Facebook!

The most beautiful photos will be published on the official page and collected in the “We are here” with photos of all our friends! 😊

So in summary…

1) Download the PDF


2) Print it on paper/cardboard


3) Take a photo with monument/landscape


4) Tag on Facebook


5) The most beautiful photos will appear on the BariExperience page



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