BariExperience vedere visitare Bari dintorni Puglia

What to explore in Bari and PUGLIA

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Do you want to see Bari and Puglia?
Discover now suggestive and breathtaking places

There are places in Puglia that deserve to be seen and above all lived; some of these are very close to Bari, another valid reason to take them into consideration during your Bari experience.

The territory Puglia it never ceases to amaze, there are wonderful corners given by nature with the collaboration of man and which need at least a souvenir photo.

See how many interesting destinations recommends this Blog and how many of these will leave you speechless thanks to their beauty and historical value.

Mare Spiagge libere Bari Puglia

Sea and nearby beaches

Which beaches to see in Bari and its surroundings? Here are some beautiful places to relax and enjoy the Apulian sea As you already know Bari is a seaside city, and if

Polignano a Mare centro storico

Around Bari

What is there to see near Bari? A world to discover! Here are some beautiful places in the surroundings As already said several times in this blog, Puglia is a land full of

Trulli di Alberobello dintorni Bari

3 unmissable places near Bari

Quali luoghi suggestivi da vedere in Puglia? Ecco 3 posti belli da visitare nei dintorni di Bari Se sei alla ricerca di posti incredibilmente belli, suggestivi e affascinanti allora non

Visitare Castel del Monte castello

Corners of Puglia

Do you want to see some suggestive corners of Puglia? Here are those places that you cannot help but visit Puglia is a fantastic territory, rich in history, attractions and

Tour to discover the beauties of Puglia!

Wonderful guided tours to discover Puglia from top to bottom.
In case of unforeseen events the cancellation is FREE .

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