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Spaghetti to the assassin

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A crunchy and spicy symbol of Bari cuisine: spaghetti all'assassina!


If you are a lover of spicy cuisine , then you will most likely be desperate for this delicious Bari dish!

Also the spaghetti all'Assassina are among the typical dishes offered by this splendid city, a dish whose characteristics represent a real flagship for various restaurants in Bari .
Their appearance is exactly like the one shown in the picture, that is slightly scorched , therefore crunchy , as well as particularly spicy ; the attribution of the term "assassin" , in fact, is inherited not only from the particularly spicy taste, but also from the technique adopted for cooking this dish, substantially characterized by the risotto of the pasta (made strictly with a black iron pan) , with a heart of tomato and chilli .



As with many excellent and tasty recipes, also for spaghetti all'Assassina proposed by Bari you could find some of its variations, however at the base there will always be the combination of "red" and winner of this dish.
There are several restaurants in Bari that continue to offer the recipe handed down over the years (it is said that it was born in the heart of Bari around the 1960s) and many of these are scattered not only in the city center but also in the suburbs. So you just have to take notes and plan, in your Bari experience , this test of strength with the spicy taste of Puglia !

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