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The sweet before returning

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The Bari tradition before returning home, the croissant!


Well yes, the palate is not in charge.
In the evening, but especially on weekends, the idea of ​​going to your local bar, or croissant , to enjoy a nice croissant before returning is common.

In Bari it is practically a ritual, in fact there are many groups of young people who after a nice meal (perhaps in a pizzeria ) decide to move en masse to a croissant workshop to sweeten their minds a little and eliminate the taste of the salty food they have just consumed.

In the city there is really nothing missing: between bars , pastry shops and workshops open at night you are spoiled for choice... it all depends on your tastes and needs, there are those who, for example, like the croissant small, those who want it bigger, some filled with chocolate and cream, some simply filled with cream and so on... regardless of your desire you will surely find the right place!

Some ideas? Here's where you might find some nice hot croissants!

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