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Hit and run mode? 5 things to do if you are

A few hours of idle time in Bari? Here's what you can do before leaving. 5 ideas that offer good reasons to return! Are you in Bari for work or for some unexpected event that brought you here? Well, if you have a few hours of free time available before saying goodbye to Bari, this city […] Find out more

Bari experiences

Immerse yourself in unique and engaging experiences, here are some ideas for experiencing Bari, Puglia and the surrounding areas. As already said several times in other sections of BariExperience, Bari is not only a city to see but it is also a place to live! In addition to seeing historical places and monuments that characterize this splendid city of […] Find out more

Go around Bari on a scooter

Discovering Bari becomes fun. Rent an electric scooter and speed up your tour through the streets of the centre. Who knows how many of you would like to see Bari but don't have much time available to get around it. Maybe you will be here for work, or for a few hours of autonomy after getting off a cruise ship; however, […] Find out more

5 things to do in Bari

What to do in Bari? Here are 5 unusual ideas for discovering the most evocative corners of the city. Bari is full of places to see but also things to do. Here are five useful suggestions from the blog that will allow you to fully enjoy your experience in Bari so as not to have regrets! Yes, because this city has so much to offer, […] Find out more

Free time in Bari

How to have fun in Bari? Here are some unusual ideas that you will like Bari is full of historical places and monuments to visit, however there are also several things you can do during your stay in this city. In fact, Bari is not just a place to see, but it is also a place to live, an experience to [...] Find out more

Nightlife in Bari

There's no shortage of nightlife in Bari: find out what to do in the evening in the capital of Puglia and live your Bari experience. Bari is not only rich in history and monuments, there is also space for nightlife. There are various areas of the city where it is possible to eat, drink, enjoy an aperitif or listen to some music […] Find out more

The Planetarium, a journey between stars and planets

An evocative journey in the Bari Planetarium, the largest in southern Italy. Let yourself be involved in the evocative experience in the Bari Planetarium, the largest in southern Italy. Located inside the famous Fiera del Levante, the Bari Sky-Skan Planetarium boasts some of the most innovative and complex technologies in Europe that will make you experience a […] Find out more

The sweet before returning

The Bari tradition before returning home, the croissant! Well yes, the palate is not in charge. In the evening, but especially on the weekend, the idea of ​​going to your trusted bar, or your friend's croissant, to enjoy a nice croissant before returning home is common. In Bari it is practically a ritual, in fact there are many [...] Find out more

An ice cream under the lighthouse

A sweet entertainment with the sound of the waves and the beauty of the Bari lighthouse. If you love the sea and adore its atmosphere, what's better than a sea at the foot of a lighthouse? The San Cataldo lighthouse is undoubtedly among the most historic and long-lived structures in the city of Bari; built in 1869 on […] Find out more

Relax in the Park 2 June

The largest green area in Bari where you can breathe pure air, relax and enjoy nature. Parco 2 Giugno is the largest park in the city of Bari. Since 1987, the year of its birth, it has become an entertainment and meeting point for many young people, elderly people and families. The 2 June park is not just a place to relax but […] Find out more