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Bari Vecchia, between clubs and nightlife: discover the other face of the ancient village and taste the typical Bari dishes!


The old city is that place where, walking through the alleys , you can breathe in the air of history, tradition and habits handed down from generation to generation.

But the magical atmosphere is perceived above all when the sun goes down, exactly when the lamps , when the smells of typical Bari dishes and, above all, when the restaurants open their doors to the many tourists and young people who promptly fill the village ancient.

Among the alleys of the old city there are many beautiful places, even very small ones but which absolutely do not disappoint expectations; some are among the main arteries that converge in Piazza Mercantile and Piazza Ferrarese, while others are all to be discovered among the historic streets, specifically we are talking about restaurants, pubs or lounge bars to enjoy a drink in the company of friends.

But there really is something for all tastes because in the old city you can also find hamburger shops, ice cream parlors, piadina shops and so on and so forth.

In short, if you want to tease something and at the same time take a walk through the alleys or on the wall , know that you can satisfy both things.

Some photos of Bari Vecchia, Puglia

Where is Bari Vecchia located?

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