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A tour of the historic center

Discovering Bari Vecchia, the oldest village in the city: alleys, squares and traditions waiting to be discovered! The old city is that place where, walking through the alleys, you can breathe in the air of history, tradition and habits handed down from generation to generation. For this reason it is impossible to come to Bari and not pass by […] Find out more

The best viewpoints to enjoy the Bari seafront

Admiring one of the longest seafronts in Europe: the 5 best viewpoints not to be missed When you arrive in Bari the seafront is one of those places that you can't help but visit. With its dense array of street lamps (197 to be exact) the seafront characterizes the coast of the capital and becomes one of the […] Find out more

The open-air church of Bari Vecchia

Santa Maria del Buonconsiglio: the remains of a medieval church in the heart of Bari Vecchia What everyone wonders when they arrive in this area of ​​Bari Vecchia is: what are these columns? The columns you see in the photo are nothing other than testimony to the thousand-year history that the ancient village preserves […] Find out more

New face for the Wall of Bari Vecchia: lights and

19 February 2020 The wall of Bari Vecchia changes face: lights and colors will illuminate a glimpse of the ancient village of Bari, increasingly beautiful and illuminated; starting from this moment a beautiful and characteristic glimpse of the ancient village of Bari will have a new face. As many as 130 new LED projectors will illuminate the walls in the evening […] Find out more

Among the alleys of Bari Vecchia

Bari Vecchia, between clubs and nightlife: discover the other face of the ancient village and taste the typical Bari dishes! The old city is that place where, walking through the alleys, you can breathe in the air of history, tradition and habits handed down from generation to generation. But the magical atmosphere is felt above all when the sun goes down, exactly when […] Find out more

Walk on the Wall

Treat yourself to a pleasant walk on the wall and enjoy the Bari seafront from above. The wall of Bari Vecchia is a real strong point of the San Nicola district, the district of the famous ancient village of the city. Taking a walk on the wall allows you not only to walk around the entire perimeter area of ​​the old city and […] Find out more

The old city tower

The old defense of the port and the splendid Bari Vecchia: the Fort of Sant'Antonio The Fort of San'Antonio is one of the most characteristic elements of the wall surrounding Bari Vecchia; it is located in one of the highest points of these walls and its history originates precisely in 1071 when, in defense from […] Find out more

The suggestive Bari Vecchia

A walk through the characteristic alleys of Bari Vecchia: breathe in the history of the ancient village of Bari. Bari Vecchia is a place where time seems to have stopped in its simplicity and authenticity. The style of the buildings in the ancient village reflects the interweaving of the various eras that characterized the architecture and everyday life of this neighborhood. […] Find out more

The street of the orecchiette

Strada Arco Basso: welcome to the street of the famous Bari orecchiette, in the heart of Bari Vecchia. In the heart of the old city of Bari there is a street renamed "the street of the ears" or "street of the ears". The street in question is officially called Strada Arco Basso, characterized by a small tunnel which once crossed […] Find out more

Towards the old city: Piazza del Ferrarese

Piazza dei Baresi and the main access point to the ancient village Piazza del Ferrarese, dedicated to a merchant from Ferrara for his imprint left through some buildings still present in the square today, is one of the oldest and most long-lived places in Bari. Born in six hundred to facilitate the entry of goods from […] Find out more