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Month: September 2019

What to do in Bari

In Bari it is difficult to get bored. Here are some ideas on what to do to entertain yourself in the city. Not just history, places and monuments. Here are some ideas and suggestions on things you can do during your trip to Bari to fully experience the most evocative places, streets and areas of this city. In Bari there is certainly no shortage [...] Find out more

What to explore in Bari and PUGLIA

Do you want to see Bari and Puglia? Discover suggestive and breathtaking places now. There are places in Puglia that deserve to be seen and above all experienced; some of these are very close to Bari, a further valid reason to take them into consideration during your Bari experience. The Apulian territory never ceases to amaze, there are corners […] Find out more

What to enjoy in Bari

Are you a good eater? Here are the flavors and traditions of Bari and Puglia cuisine. If there is one thing that will never be lacking in Bari, and in Puglia in general, it is good cuisine. Many typical recipes handed down from generation to generation and which have become famous not only in Italy but also in the rest of the world. I am […] Find out more

Symbols of Bari: the Basilica of San Nicola

Visit a sacred place in the city of Bari: the Basilica of San Nicola, in the heart of Bari Vecchia. Probably one of the first things to visit in Bari is the Basilica. Built and consecrated in 1197, the Basilica of San Nicola is one of the main symbols of the city of Bari and is among the monuments […] Find out more

Towards the shopping centres

Bari also has its shopping centers in different areas of the city. Like any self-respecting large city, Bari also has its hyper-commercial areas where many people from Bari go to do some shopping or simply shopping. There are different points of reference depending on your needs. Obviously this […] Find out more

Bari is worth seeing

Are you thinking of coming to Bari? Get ready to see the most beautiful places in this city! Here's what to see in Bari A fascinating city awaits you with open arms, to capture your heart and enchant you with its timeless beauty with unique places and monuments and incredibly suggestive. Beautiful places to see in the light […] Find out more

Areas & Climate

Discover the heart of Puglia, with the Lands of Bari, its borders and the typical climate of the South. Puglia, from top to bottom, is a simply fantastic territory. Everywhere you go you breathe in the air of history, sea, nature and exquisite typical Apulian dishes! The one in Puglia is not a simple trip but a [...] Find out more