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What to enjoy in Bari

40 photos X 40 places to see.
An emotional guide to Bari!

Are you a good eater? Here are the flavors and traditions of Bari and Puglia cuisine

If there is one thing that will never be missing Bari , and in Puglia good food .
Many typical recipes handed down from generation to generation and have become famous not only in Italy but also in the rest of the world.

There are many tourists who, having arrived in Bari , can't wait to taste the typical Bari dishes prepared with genuine ingredients and coming from a vast range of products that are grown daily here in Puglia .

Is this premise titillating your mind and palate?
you haven't seen anything yet. Here are some suggestions on things to eat in Bari!

Eating in Bari

5 things to eat in Bari

Five Bari culinary traditions that you can't help but taste. You are thinking of coming to Bari and are curious to learn about the culinary traditions of this splendid city

Bari cuisine

The unmissable dishes

Specialties and traditions of Apulian cuisine: here are the typical dishes to savor in Bari Bari is a city worth visiting not only for all it has to offer from

Typical Bari products

Local products

The typical products of Bari and Puglia that you can't help but taste! Here's what to eat in Bari "In Bari you eat very well". It's not just a Bari a

If you then want to discover much more about the typical Bari recipes and want to live the experience in Bari in an unusual way, then all we can do is recommend gastronomic itineraries like those reported below.

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