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Month: November 2020

5 things to do in Bari during Christmas

Will you be in Bari around Christmas? Here are 5 suggestions for enjoying this city in the Christmas season. Like every year, Christmas arrives, and like every Christmas, Bari also prepares to celebrate and honor the best and sweetest season of the year. Normally the whole city gets ready for a party with lights, trees, decorations, […] Find out more

The suggestive Sassi of Matera

One hour from Bari, just beyond the borders of Puglia, Matera with its characteristic Sassi. It's true, Matera is not in Puglia, so why mention it among the cities you absolutely must visit? Because this characteristic place, despite being in Basilicata, is extremely close to Bari (just under an hour by car). Matera, very famous […] Find out more

Italian Capital of Culture 2022: Bari is among the 10

November 17, 2020 From candidate to finalist. But in addition to Bari there is also another Apulian city. Historic places, museums, theatres, gastronomy, churches and Nicholas cult; these are the values ​​that have allowed Bari to enter the list of candidate cities to obtain the precious recognition, and precisely these values ​​have contributed to the […] Find out more

Pit stop at McDonald's: where to find them in Bari

From the center of Bari to the outskirts, here's where the McDonald's restaurants are located. Do you love McDonald's sandwiches and are you looking for the closest restaurant to your area? Then you are in the right place at the right time. Bari is a rapidly expanding city from many points of view, primarily for tourism [...] Find out more

What are those stickers on the Adriatic bridge? The reason is vi

11 October 2020 Animal-loving Bari: the commitment to safeguard the health of birds passing through the city Just a few days ago, while walking along the splendid Adriatic bridge, I noticed these silhouettes of birds stuck on the windows of the screen located on the side of the road. For a moment I thought I had never noticed them, but then thinking about it […] Find out more