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Italian Capital of Culture 2022: Bari is among the 10 finalist cities!

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November 17, 2020

From candidate to finalist. But in addition to Bari there is also another Apulian city


Bari candidate for city of cultureHistoric places, museums, theatres, gastronomy, churches and Nicholas cult; these are the values ​​that allowed Bari to enter the list of candidate cities to obtain the precious recognition, and these values ​​contributed to the capital being able to go from simple candidate to finalist.

Bari has officially entered the final race to win the title of Capital of Culture in Italy 2022.

But among the 10 finalists there is also another Apulian city that has joined this prestigious list, we are talking about Taranto .

In a difficult moment due to Covid , and while waiting for better times, news like this can only make the many people from Bari and tourists who every year, in an atmosphere of carefree and serenity, crowd the streets of the splendid capital .

May this final sprint towards the " Capital of Culture " be a good omen for a 2022 marked by the relaunch of tourism , local, national and international.

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