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Month: December 2020

Nightlife in Bari

Pubs, aperitifs and music: some ideas for fun and entertainment in Bari Not only history, architecture and culture, in Bari there is also space for healthy fun, both in the streets of the center and on the outskirts of the Apulian capital. In fact, Bari boasts an incredible amount of places to eat, drink and have fun in […] Find out more

Having fun wandering around Bari

What to do in the city? Ideas for entertaining between the center and the outskirts of Bari When you arrive in Bari your main area of ​​interest is definitely the centre, Bari Vecchia, the seafront, the shopping streets, squares and monuments characteristic of Bari such as palaces and theatres. But when you're out and about […] Find out more

What to do in Bari Vecchia

Ideas and advice on what to do when you are in the suggestive Bari Vecchia. When you arrive at the gates of Bari Vecchia you are practically at the entrance to the thousand-year history of this city. For this reason BariExperience suggests what could be good ideas to enjoy this unique and evocative experience in the Apulian capital. The squares, the […] Find out more

Historic squares of Bari

Some squares and streets that you cannot help but visit during your trip to Bari If you are on this page it is probably because you are trying to understand which are the main squares to visit in Bari, or in any case those closest to your places of interest in the center of Bari. Well, if […] Find out more

The gigantic Christmas tree on the Bari seafront

12 December 2020 The Bari seafront and its large Christmas tree. The donation was made by the Megamark Bari Foundation, which has always been a welcoming and generous city, and this time it was rewarded by the generosity of local entrepreneurs. On the seafront of Bari, in fact, stands a large Christmas tree donated by the Megamark Foundation, a non-profit [...] Find out more

Orecchiette with turnip tops

Orecchiette with turnip greens, the maximum expression of the Apulian table. It is one of the most famous first courses of Bari and Puglia, not only for its flavor but also because it unmistakably reflects the Apulian cuisine thanks to a vegetable, such as turnip top, a typical Italian product […] Find out more