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Month: March 2024

Best climate in Italy 2024: Bari first in the ranking out of 107

26 March 2024 8 hours of sun a day and only 74 days of rain a year. Bari has the best climate in Italy According to an interesting evaluation by Sole24Ore on the quality of life of Italians, which focuses attention on the cities where we live better from a climatic point of view, it is clear that the city [...] Find out more

Orecchiette from Bari, but how are they made?

SPONSORED Everyone wants to taste them, but how do you make Orecchiette Bari style? A tour to discover it Orecchiette Baresi are a traditional dish of Apulian cuisine, and in particular of the city of Bari. It is handmade pasta, with the characteristic shape of small upturned ears whose preparation is an art handed down through […] Find out more

Transfer to Bari: get quickly from the airport to the city center

SPONSORED Convenience, reliability and time saving: why you could choose a transfer from the airport to the hotel If you are about to visit Bari, one of the key aspects to consider is how to move from the lively airport to the beating heart of the city. In this case, using a transfer from the airport to the center of Bari could certainly be the option […] Find out more

Lolita Lobosco 3: where did they shoot the scenes? Here are some

Between old and new locations of the drama: let's retrace the fixed points of Lolita and the new scenes filmed. The well-known RAI1 drama "The Investigations of Lolita Lobosco" is back and with it also all the curiosity of viewers about the places where some scenes were filmed of this very popular television series. As with […] Find out more