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Best climate in Italy 2024: Bari first in the ranking out of 107 cities

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March 26, 2024

8 hours of sun a day and only 74 days of rain a year.
Bari has the best climate in Italy


Bari city with best climate in Italy

According to an interesting evaluation by Sole24Ore on the quality of life of Italians, which focuses attention on the cities where people live better from a climatic , it can be seen that the city of Bari ranks first in the ranking of Italian cities with the best climate of the last decade (period 2013-2023) , thanks to the presence of summer breezes and a very low incidence of extreme rainfall.

From the meteorological data relating to Bari , data provided by 3bmeteo , it stands out that the Apulian capital is a leader above all for the limited frequency of only 9 days a year with extreme rainfall and for the reduced number of days with high humidity or in any case above 70 %.

The Apulian city therefore records only 158 days a year outside the climate comfort zone , also benefiting from a summer breeze that drastically reduces the heat.
A combination of meteorological factors that has allowed a southern city to obtain for the first time a "deserved" first place in the climate-related quality of life ranking .

For more details, here are the results of the survey:

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