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The walk along the Bari seafront, among the most beautiful in Italy


The  Bari seafront , in addition to being one of the most characteristic places in the city, is also considered among the most beautiful in Italy and among the longest in Europe .

This alone would be enough to convince you to take a nice and pleasant walk along the coast of Bari.
The seafront, made up of a dense array of street lamps that have always characterized it, is frequented not only by the people of Bari but also by the many tourists who want to breathe sea ​​air and immortalize the beautiful panorama that only a seafront like that of Bari can offer.

The walk along the sea is a must, but if you feel a little tired you can rest thanks to the numerous wooden benches located along the entire promenade.

There is no shortage of sportsmen, in fact it can happen during a walk that you come across some people from Bari (and not only) with headphones and a music player while jogging or you come across some passionate fisherman in the company of his fishing rod.

Therefore on the Bari seafront you will never be alone, especially if you consider that the journey is potentially long: for example, starting from the new port and going south you will pass in front of the walls of Bari Vecchia , the Margherita Theater , the old port (San Nicola pier ) and then continue further and conclude the route at the famous Pane e Pomodoro beach.
Estimated time? well, considering a few selfies and a bit of relaxation on the benches it could take up to 50 minutes to cover it all.
In short, you have a long way to go! 🙂


The route of the Bari seafront

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