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Do you want to shop? here are the most popular streets of Bari for shopping



If the desire to do shopping attacks you Bari there is bread for your teeth.
La città è da sempre luogo di scambi commerciali e soprattutto di attività commerciali, e con il quartiere murattiano tutto questo si è esteso e concentrato soprattutto nelle vie di questa quartiere.

The Bari city center it is characterized by a real grid of buildings and shops, so as you can imagine, you are really spoiled for choice on the streets to take to satisfy your desire for shopping.

Tuttavia il blog BariExperience ti suggerisce solo alcune delle vie commerciali più famose di Bari, invitandoti comunque ad esplorare anche le vie limitrofe.


Via Sparano

it is by far the most famous street in Bari, piena di negozi prevalentemente di abbigliamento e con firme anche importanti; parliamo della strada più lussuosa della città dove potrete per l’appunto ammirare anche il bellissimo Palazzo Mincuzzi, among the structures not to be missed.


Cavour course

is another historical way of Bari, also famous for its strolling and commercial activities. This road is lined with trees, which makes it characteristic and pleasant to walk; it is also the way from which it is possible to see the Petruzzelli theater, another unmistakable symbol of the city of Bari.


Via Argiro

closed to traffic for some time now, too via Argiro it is full of shops, offices and bars, not surprisingly this is also one of the busiest streets in the city. In fact, besides a walk among the shops you can also decide to stop for a coffee or a appetizer (avete l’imbarazzo della scelta). 


Corso Vittorio Emanuele

Corso Vittorio Emanuele it is one of the most important and popular streets in Bari not only for shopping obviously but above all because it is one of the very first streets built outside the walls of the old village, besides being characteristic for its palms and the Margherita Theater visible throughout the course. It is a symbolic street in the center of Bari, full of bars, clubs and shops of various kinds.

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