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What to do in Bari in a few hoursAre you in Bari for work or for some unexpected event that brought you here? Well, if you have a few hours of free time on your hands before saying goodbye to Bar i, this charming and tradition-rich city offers a range of fascinating options to make the most of every moment.

From picturesque views to culinary delights, Bari has so much to offer even on short breaks. So get ready to live a quick experience that combines the beauty of the historical heritage with the taste of local cuisine . In short, take advantage of this short time to immerse yourself in a series of activities that will capture your attention and make your visit to the city unforgettable

From the charm of the ancient streets to the gastronomic delicacies , Bari will prove to be a destination capable of conquering your heart even if only for a few hours. In this list, you will find five proposals that will invite you to experience the authentic charm of Bari and, at the same time, ignite the curiosity to return to further explore everything that you have not been able to delve into.

1) Take a stroll through the alleys of old Bari

What to do in old BariThis ancient neighborhood , with its characteristic alleys, will transport you back in time, offering you an authentic look at the history of the city. Walk the streets lined with ancient stone facades , let yourself be enveloped by the scents of traditional cuisine that waft from the local taverns and admire the fascinating architectural details of the centuries-old churches . Bari Vecchia is a labyrinth of authenticity, a place where the past blends harmoniously with the present, creating a unique atmosphere. Don't miss exploring the beating heart of this village and some of the typical squares of the place, you can do it in a really short time and you won't regret it.

2) Admire the seafront from the ancient wall

What to do on the walls of old BariHead towards the ancient wall of Bari Vecchia for a breathtaking view of the city's beautiful waterfront . Admire the coast from atop ancient defensive walls , with spectacular views of the coastline and the sea stretching to the horizon. The wall, witness to centuries of maritime history, will offer you a unique experience, combining impressive architecture with the serenity of the sea. You will be able to appreciate the beauty of the city from a different perspective, enjoying the sea breeze and the enchanting atmosphere that only the Bari seafront can offer. Despite your "hurry" it will still be a moment of contemplation and relaxation that will add a special dimension to your visit.

3) Taste the focaccia from Bari

Eating Focaccia Barese from PugliaGive yourself the pleasure of tasting the famous focaccia from Bari . In this city, the preparation of focaccia is an art that has spanned generations, offering a perfect combination of tradition and taste. With its soft texture and unmistakable flavour, focaccia from Bari is an authentic delight for the palate that you absolutely cannot give up. Walking around old Bari there are some historic bakeries where you can experience an immersion in the local culinary culture. Sit in a quiet square or along the sea, and enjoy every bite of this delicacy that represents the true flavor of Bari .

4) Visit the Basilica of San Nicola

Visit Basilica San Nicola BariExplore Bari's religious heritage by entering the majestic Basilica of San Nicola . This sacred place, dedicated to the city's patron saint, is an extraordinary testimony of art and devotion. As soon as you cross the threshold, you will be surrounded by an atmosphere of spirituality, among imposing columns and splendid decorations. The Basilica of San Nicola also houses the remains of the Saint , making this place an important pilgrimage center. Dedicate time to contemplation and admiration of this architectural masterpiece, the visit to the Basilica of San Nicola will be a journey through time and spirit.

5) Enjoy a good artisanal ice cream

Where to eat Gentile ice cream in old Bari

To end your short adventure in Bari on a sweet note, give yourself the pleasure of tasting an authentic artisanal ice cream at the historic "Gentile" ice cream shop , located on the outskirts of Bari Vecchia , in front of the majestic Norman-Swabian Castle . This corner of paradise has been delighting the palates of the people of Bavaria since 1880, with a long tradition of artisanal delicacies alternating with touches of innovation. Let yourself be guided by the captivating colors of the ice cream varieties on display and enjoy the dessert while walking towards the castle , thus creating a perfect moment of pleasure and culture. A piece of culinary history that blends with the beauty of the surroundings, giving you a delicious ending to your short, but intense, visit to Bari .

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