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Barbie in Town and Bari Experience show you 7 places not to be missed!



Barbie in Town and Bari Experience what to seeAre you interested in Bari? This is good news, and like all good news, it can only be welcomed with open arms and with lots of sympathy.

If you want to explore this fascinating area, we will accompany you to discover some places that you absolutely cannot miss if you decide to pass through these parts.
We speak in the plural because this time we will do it in the company of a rather noble "young lady" who will undoubtedly capture your attention. This is the popular Barbie in the guise of #BarbieInTown , the creative project by Gabriele Milella and Pietro Del Buono which will lead you to discover travel, curiosities, traditions and local history and which with this article wants to create a precious synergy with Bari Experience to show you , with lots of kindness, 7 places where you can take a nice souvenir photo of your trip to Bari.

Here, then, are the tips from the extravagant and followed #BarbieInTown with the complicity of #BariExperience !

1) On the longest seafront in Europe

Barbie in Town Bari Experience Bari seafrontProbably the first stop to make, the one that immediately distinguishes the city of Bari , as well as the capital of Puglia.
The Bari seafront , with its 15 km of coastline and 197 cast iron street lamps , is the longest in Italy and Europe and in addition to providing tourists with a breathtaking view, it offers the ideal location for a typical Bari postcard. An exact spot to take the photo? From Largo Giannella , the heart of the seafront and ideal point for immortalizing the skyline of Bari Vecchia , to Molo San Nicola (the old port) , up to the gates of Pane e Pomodoro (the beach of Bari) . In short, you are spoiled for choice.

2) A "fashion" photo among the shops on Via Sparano

Barbie in Town and via Sparano Bari experienceHow can we not include the elegant Via Sparano ?
This street, in addition to being a focal point of Bari's trade , is also the elite shopping lounge since Via Sparano , in addition to being more than half a kilometer long, is full of prestigious clothing shops. Tips for taking a great photo? There are several areas where you can do this, but above all it is advisable to take one at the foot of Palazzo Mincuzzi , a very interesting and characteristic historical building of this street, as well as the indisputable soul of Bari shopping .

3) At the gates of the medieval history of Bari

Barbie in Town and Bari Experience Swabian castleDo you love visiting castles? the fortress of Bari will most likely not go unnoticed .
The Norman-Swabian Castle of the Apulian capital , on the outskirts of the suggestive Bari Vecchia , is one of the jewels in the crown of this city which, in addition to being a wonderful seaside city, is also a place rich in history. The castle of Bari , built in the 13th century, is testimony to the medieval style of this land whose essence deserves a souvenir photo. Here #BarbieInTown shows us the bridge that leads straight to the entrance of this imposing and legendary fortress.

4) In the thousand-year-old underground of Bari Vecchia

Barbie in Town Bari Experience undergroundIn the subsoil of Bari Vecchia there is a city within the city, whose conservation of some structures takes us back in time.
Bari Sotterranea is a dizzying leap in time that tells the thousand-year history of the capital from Roman times to the Middle Ages; it is, essentially, a cultural journey whose journey is divided into 4 stages which involve the basements of churches, castles and historic buildings .
Bari Sotterranea is a very evocative experience that is impossible to miss and, above all, not to be immortalized during your experience in Bari .

5) At the foot of the magnificent Basilica of San Nicola

Barbie in Town Bari Experience Basilica San NicolaBari is the city of Saint Nicholas , one of the most revered saints in the world, patron saint of the city, protector of children and of Amsterdam, as well as a source of inspiration for Santa Claus in the world . Have we listed enough reasons to convince you to take a photo at the foot of the Basilica of San Nicola ?
We had no doubts, after all the Basilica dedicated to San Nicola , in addition to being one of the major symbols of Bari, is also one of the most significant expressions of the Apulian-Romanesque style . A wonderful and imposing structure that is absolutely worth seeing during your walks in old Bari .

6) Under one of the tallest lighthouses in Italy

Barbie in Town Bari Experience faro san cataldoThere are things that a large seaside city cannot do without, such as a large lighthouse.
Bari has its historic and admired San Cataldo lighthouse , an important structure 66 meters high and equipped with 380 steps, characteristics that make the Bari lighthouse the list of the tallest and most famous in Italy . Over a century of history can only be admired from bottom to top and preserved in an authentic souvenir photo of your experience on the Bari coast. The long-lived structure is located in the northernmost area of ​​Bari , precisely in the exhibition district .

7) The sunset from the Bari beach

Barbie in Town Bari Experience Bread and tomato beachLast but not least, we recommend a moment of relaxation (perhaps after visiting the city's numerous attractions) in the company of a splendid sunset that frames the beautiful skyline of Bari . We are talking about an experience at Pane e Pomodoro , the beach of Bari where it is possible to enjoy breathtaking sunsets that shade the sky with beautiful colors and bring down the curtain on a splendid sunny day in Bari . But be careful, wouldn't you want to miss the evening view?! Stay a little longer if you want to admire the elegance of this city at sunset.

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