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ATTENTION: READ HERE BEFORE CONTINUING. The tours recommended on this site are not organized by BariExperience, in addition to promoting the area, also offers visibility to activities/experiences organized by third parties and already present on the web. The user is invited to check the quality of the tours and the accuracy of the information directly on the sites, links and […] Find out more

A trip to Bari? 7 places suggested by #BarbieInTown &

Ideas for a souvenir photo: Barbie in Town and Bari Experience show you 7 places not to be missed! Are you interested in Bari? This is good news, and like all good news, it can only be welcomed with open arms and with lots of sympathy. If you feel like exploring this […] Find out more

What are you looking at in Bari? Now an App tells you

08 October 2020 Augmented reality: an App to get information on the monuments you observe in Bari An innovation that will make everyone who is about to visit Bari happy. Thanks to an augmented reality App, it's called Ac Tourist, you have the possibility to discover, in real time, what you are observing with a series of […] Find out more

10 things to see in Bari

What to see in Bari? Here are ten things you absolutely must see when you are in the capital of Puglia. It's true, sometimes time isn't enough, but there are places that you absolutely shouldn't miss when you decide to see Bari and visit its attractions, monuments and most characteristic places. Bari has many places to […] Find out more

Boom in bookings in Bari: everything is sold these days

18 August 2020 Everyone wants to see Bari: Ferragosto sold out for the capital of Puglia. It has been known for some time that tourism in Bari was growing, but that Ferragosto 2020 would have brought so many tourists to the city, especially in the times of Covid, Few people surely expected this. Different […] Find out more

Monuments and attractions

Monuments to see in Bari? Here are some places and places characteristic of the city whose stories will fascinate you. Bari is not only a seaside city but also a place rich in history, culture and traditions. But the interesting aspect is that most of the places that have always characterized this cities are very close between […] Find out more

5 Unusual itineraries

A few days to visit Bari? Here are some suggested itineraries to see the best of Bari! When you arrive in Bari the desire to visit it entirely and fully enjoy every corner of it is great, however you have to take into account the time you have available and this could be a problem for many. For […] Find out more

The pilgrimage to the Russian Church

The Russian Orthodox Church: a sacred and evocative place in the heart of Bari The Russian Orthodox church is one of the most characteristic places in Bari and its birth dates back to the 20th century. Like the Basilica of San Nicola, this structure also represents a point of reference for devotees of San Nicola [...] Find out more

The Military Shrine of the Overseas Fallen

The tribute to the Italian soldiers fallen in foreign lands: the evocative Military Shrine of Bari The Military Shrine of the fallen overseas preserves the remains of approximately 75,000 Italian soldiers (of which 40,000 unfortunately remain unknown) who fell in foreign lands in the wars between 1941 and 1945. The decision to collect the remains of these soldiers […] Find out more

Fizzarotti Palace

The Gothic-Venetian style in the center of Bari: Palazzo Fizzarotti Palazzo Fizzarotti is one of the many jewels of the city of Bari; located in Corso Vittorio Emanuele, right in the center of Bari, Fizzarotti's is a Gothic-Venetian style building built in the 1900s by the banker from whom the name was then inherited, Emanuele Fizzarotti. […] Find out more