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6 things to do to experience the Christmas atmosphere in Puglia

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Places and traditions not to be missed to experience an authentic Apulian Christmas atmosphere!


Places to visit at Christmas PugliaWho said that to best experience the Christmas atmosphere you have to go to Lapland?

Of course, how can you not want a place like this when the Christmas period ... but don't worry because if the desire to live a unique and evocative Christmas experience overcomes you, rest assured that Puglia will not disappoint you either. You should know that in Puglia there are places you can visit all year round, especially when Christmas arrives! At first glance it might seem a little strange since snow, a typical element of Christmas scenarios, rarely falls in Puglia (even if in recent times there has never been a shortage of snow days) , however there is certainly no lack of cold and very warm lights to warm the heart and mind.

The villages of Puglia are places that with the arrival of Christmas become the right opportunities to experience the magical atmosphere that we all desire when December , and all this thanks to the historic centers that still preserve the beauty and traditions of Apulian Christmas and which, combined with the warmth of the lights , give adults and children particularly beautiful and evocative moments, difficult to forget and with a great desire to replicate every year.

It should also be noted that Bari is one of the major protagonists of Christmas since Saint Nicholas , the patron saint of the city, is also the saint who inspired the myth of Santa Claus in the world , whose "home" can be said which is located in old Bari, exactly in the Basilica dedicated to the Saint.
And what about the typical local products prepared for Christmas ? A delicacy to absolutely try. In short, after this preamble, let's discover together what things you could do in Puglia to experience an authentic Christmas atmosphere and carry it in your heart upon your return!

Old Bari, the markets and the lights

Illuminations Bari old Puglia

Normally, starting from December 6th (St. Nicholas' day) Bari celebrates the arrival of Christmas by lighting up the city; for the occasion the tree is lit in Piazza del Ferrarese and old Bari becomes a concentration of lights , colors and lots of joy, not to mention the pilgrimages to the Basilica of San Nicola , the liveliness of the markets and the scents of sweets and sweets among the alleys of the ancient village. TO LIVE.

In the house of "Santa Claus"

Illuminations Bari old San Nicola

How can you not pass by the "temple" of Santa Claus ? Saint Nicholas is the saint of children, the one who inspired the myth of Santa Claus around the world . Passing by the Basilica of San Nicola means immersing yourself in the ancient history of Christmas (as well as entering an extraordinary monument) . It is also for this reason that the Christmas days spent in Bari have a particularly different and extremely evocative flavour.


Experience the magic of the lights on the Trulli

Illuminations Trulli Alberobello Puglia

How can we not include, among the Apulian Christmas beauties , the magic transmitted by the Trulli of Alberobello ? The Trulli of this city, unique in the world and visited all year round, at Christmas are transformed into an almost fantastic place thanks to the colorful lights that illuminate the roofs of these ancient houses. A few kilometers from Bari, among alleys, characteristic shops and trattorias, Alberobello offers emotions every year.

The Christmas atmosphere in the alleys of Locorotondo

Locorotondo Christmas period Puglia

The historic center of Locorotondo? A fantastic postcard of your Christmas in Puglia, not far from Bari. In addition to being among the "most beautiful villages in Italy" , Locorotondo is probably one of the most evocative places to experience the authentic Apulian Christmas atmosphere Decorations and lights everywhere , in every street and in every corner of this charming ancient village.

The Apulian tradition at the table

Christmas sweets from Bari and Puglia

Cartellate , almond pastries, sasanelli, mostaccioli, castagnelle, liqueurs and so on and so forth. Christmas in Bari is all about food and especially typical Apulian desserts , the ones not to be missed during a trip to Bari during the Christmas period .
You will find them almost everywhere in bars, pastry shops and especially in the homes of Bari people; a very sweet tradition, unmissable and worth trying. TO SAVOR

The sweet street food of Bari

Christmas street food Bari Puglia

Delicious, very soft and very tasty. Those prepared in Bari, especially in old Bari , are the quintessential breasts Christmas become sweet Popizze , i.e. round pancakes covered in sugar. You will find them in some corners of the ancient village and you will not have difficulty finding them (in Bari they are a must) ;
it will be their scent that will attract you to the right alley. TO TRY

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