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Orecchiette from Bari, but how are they made?

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Everyone wants to taste them, but how do you make Bari-style orecchiette?
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How to make orecchiette from BariOrecchiette Baresi are a traditional dish of Apulian cuisine, and in particular of the city of Bari .

It is handmade pasta, with the characteristic shape of small upturned ears whose preparation is an art passed down from generation to generation, often passed on from mother to daughter.

Who prepares authentic Bari Orecchiette in Bari? Normally, passing through the streets of old Bari , it is possible to notice the housewives, that is, the women who knead the dough every day in front of tourists for the artisanal preparation of the orecchiette .
A real attraction in the historic center of Bari which, in addition to representing an original cross-section of Apulian daily life, allows you to watch the preparation of the typical fresh pasta from Bari , now famous throughout the world.

The Orecchiette Bari recipe is based on high-quality local ingredients, such as durum wheat semolina, which is widely cultivated in the region. A synergy with local products that contributes to keeping traditional cuisine anchored to the roots of the earth.

Learn to make orecchiette when you arrive in Bari

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Learn to make orecchiette in old Bari!

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