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Here is a very interesting itinerary you can do during your 4 days in Puglia


What to see in 4 days in PugliaAre you thinking of spending 4 days in Puglia and want to understand which places you can visit? You are on the right page!

You will soon discover what you need, but first of all we need to make a premise. Puglia , all of it, is a territory to discover and experience from North to South, but as you may have imagined, 4 days give you some advice so that you can experience the beating heart of Puglia in the shortest possible time starting from the Apulian capital, Bari. Why Bari, you might be wondering? Probably because, in addition to being a large and beautiful city, it is also well connected between the motorway, airport, port and railway station; furthermore, thanks to its geographical position (Bari is located in the center of Puglia) it is possible to quickly reach some of the typical and most beautiful places in this region, such as Polignano a Mare , Alberobello , Monopoli , Castellana Grotte (just to name a few) but there are many others, wonderful and unmissable.

It goes without saying that, for greater convenience, it would be preferable to rent a car so as not to have constraints when traveling and enjoy the Apulian weekend .
So, having said this, here is a suggestion that can only confirm what has been said above to choose a base like Bari (which you will like a lot) and then move to the surrounding areas and return home absolutely satisfied with your weekend in Puglia . A proposed itinerary that is as feasible as it is interesting to satisfy your expectations and your relentless curiosity towards this magnificent territory.

discovering Bari, the seafront and old Bari

4 days in Puglia seeing BariLet's say your trip begins in the middle of the day on a Thursday , you would have the opportunity to immediately experience the Apulian capital . A walk along the seafront (perhaps with a beautiful sunset) , a visit to the most famous shopping streets old Bari , with its alleys, the Basilica of San Nicola , the Castello Svevo, the museums and many small and charming places to taste the typical dishes of Bari , both sea and land. Obviously Bari is not only this since there are also theatres, historic buildings and many other very interesting places and attractions, however in half a day it would be very difficult to visit anything else.

towards the Trulli of Alberobello and the houses of Locorotondo

4 days in Puglia LocorotondoFriday is dedicated to the villages with the typical Apulian style admired all over the world. We are talking about the capital of the Trulli  Alberobello and one of the "most beautiful villages in Italy" like Locorotondo ; these two locations are extremely close to each other (just 12 minutes by car) and in general they are both about 40 minutes from Bari . Two places that are absolutely worth visiting and which, thanks to their position, can be done on the same day. An advice? Alberobello in the morning (with lunch in some of the trattorias in the village) in the afternoon in Locorotondo for a walk among the " Cummerse " characteristics, we are talking about the sloping roofs that characterize the homes of this fantastic historic center .

morning in Monopoli, ice cream in Polignano a Mare and evening in Torre a Mare

4 days in Puglia Polignano a MareIf Thursday is dedicated to the villages of the Apulian hinterland, how can you not visit the splendid ones on the coast? Here is an idea to spend your weekend in some very popular places for beauty and nightlife; we are talking, above all, about Monopoli and Polignano a Mare , two places not very far from Bari and which will allow you to experience a unique and unforgettable day. The idea could be to go to Monopoli to enjoy the scent of the sea and the splendid alleys of the ancient village , with its restaurants and charming bars, while in the afternoon, heading towards Bari, you could stop in Polignano a Mare to enjoy a nice ice cream, perhaps on the cliff overlooking the crystal clear water or at the foot of the statue of Domenico Modugno singing "in the blue painted blue" . Finally, at the end of this splendid Saturday evening, a stop in Torre a Mare (always on the road back to Bari) for a tasty pizza and a walk on the pier of this lovely neighborhood of Bari .

half day in Trani and return to base

See visit Bari Trani surroundingsIf the southern area of ​​Bari and the province has thrilled you, now it's the turn of the northern area. Trani is not the only noteworthy city in the north of Bari , but it is certainly a place not to be overlooked if you want to move to this area. Elegant, full of commercial premises and above all lively, Trani enjoys a particularly active and surprising climate, both day and night, which is why it could be interesting to spend half a day there, perhaps even with a seafood-flavoured lunch, so to really end your 4 days in Puglia and return to your starting point not only with a big smile, but also with a great desire to plan the next places to visit for a possible return to Puglia.

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