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What are the most beautiful villages in Puglia? Discover these 8 in Terra di Bari

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Most beautiful villages to see in Puglia? Many are right around Bari. Look at these 8 villages


Most beautiful villages in PugliaPuglia , with its breathtaking coasts, its cities of art and its hinterland rich in history, is a southern region of extraordinary beauty that every year attracts visitors from different parts of the world.

Among the pearls of Puglia , the Terra di Bari stands out for its countless and fascinating villages, places where time seems to have stopped, offering visitors a glimpse of authentic Apulian life and a window onto a past rich in stories and traditions handed down over the centuries. time. If you are planning a visit to Puglia and want to discover some of the most beautiful and evocative villages , you can't miss these hidden jewels between Bari and its surroundings .

Know, therefore, that those you will soon discover are certainly not the only villages to see in Puglia , but they are most likely some of those not to be missed, especially if your journey starts from the capital of Puglia, Bari .
Let's discover them together.

1) Inevitably, old Bari

Most beautiful villages in Puglia Old BariBari Vecchia , the historic center of the Apulian capital, is an intricate labyrinth of streets, alleys and small squares that tell of millennia of history and traditions. This village , located between the seafront and the new city, is a place where culture, history and daily life come together in a unique and evocative atmosphere. Mandatory stop once you land in Bari , the prelude to an UNFORGETTABLE trip.

2) Giovinazzo, a medieval gem on the sea

Most beautiful villages in Puglia GiovinazzoGiovinazzo , a town in the province of Bari , boasts a fascinating medieval village . Exploring the historic center means immersing yourself in local history and admiring the ancient marina , once a point of reference for sailors and fishermen. Giovinazzo is renowned not only for its historical and cultural value, but also for its gastronomic offer: the historic center is home to numerous pubs and restaurants located in ancient buildings, where you can taste typical Apulian products and recipes .

3) Polignano a Mare, from top to bottom

Most beautiful villages in Puglia PolignanoFamous for its cliffs overlooking the sea, Polignano a Mare is a true jewel of Puglia . This very famous village overlooking the Adriatic is famous for its sea caves and enchanting views. The historic center, with its narrow streets and white houses, is perfect for a romantic walk. Don't forget to try some good local ice cream !

4) Monopolies, between history and the sea

Most beautiful villages in Puglia MonopoliMonopoli , with its historic center overlooking the sea, is another unmissable stop. The ancient walls, the Carlo V Castle and the Cathedral of the Madonna della Madia are just some of the wonders you can explore. Let yourself go and walk aimlessly along the alleys and squares of this characteristic village , full of clubs, tradition and colours. And if you want to rest, discover the beaches with crystal clear sea in the immediate vicinity.

5) Altamura, the medieval village and bread

Most beautiful villages in Puglia AltamuraAltamura , located in the Bari hinterland, is famous throughout the world for its DOP bread , produced according to ancient traditions. In addition to enjoying this delicacy, visitors can explore the historic center, dominated by the Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta , one of the rare examples of Gothic-Angevin architecture in Puglia. The ancient walls, the historic buildings and the National Archaeological Museum are just some of the attractions that make Altamura an unmissable stop.

6) Locorotondo, a window on the Itria Valley

Most beautiful villages in Puglia LocorotondoLocorotondo , one of the most beautiful villages in Italy, located in the heart of the Itria Valley . With its white houses and flowered balconies, Locorotondo offers a breathtaking view of the surrounding vineyards. Not only that, among the main architectural features of this splendid Apulian village stand out the houses with sloping roofs, known as "cummerse" , which further emphasize the originality of Locorotondo .

7) Alberobello and the magic of the Trulli

Most beautiful villages in Puglia AlberobelloHow can we not include Alberobello, the village of Trulli . UNESCO World Heritage site is an enchanted place where time seems to have stopped. Although Alberobello is a very small town in the province of Bari , it still remains impressed by its uniqueness and almost fairy-tale style. Whether it is summer, autumn, winter or spring it makes no difference, Alberobello is a destination to see at least once in a lifetime.

8) Trani, between beauty and liveliness

Most beautiful villages in Puglia TraniTrani , known as the "Pearl of the Adriatic", is an enchanting village in Puglia that fascinates with its majestic Cathedral of San Nicola Pellegrino , located directly on the sea. The village offers a rich historical and cultural heritage, with its tourist port , the Jewish quarter and historic buildings. Trani is an unmissable destination for those who want to immerse themselves in the authentic atmosphere of Puglia , including history, art and splendid coastal views.

Satisfied with these villages?

The Terra di Bari and its surroundings offer a variety of very suggestive villages , each with its uniqueness and charm. Whether you are a lover of history, art or nature, you will surely find the village that's right for you. Get ready to immerse yourself in a journey between past and present, between tradition and innovation, to discover the hidden treasures of Puglia .

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