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7 ideas for visiting Bari with your four-legged friend

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Are you in Bari with your dog?
Here are 7 ideas for making the most of the city together with your best friend

Visiting Bari with your dogBari enchanted you, can't wait to visit it but have no intention of leaving your dog alone?

No problem, Bari is also a friend and lover of pets. In fact, this city, thanks to squares , areas and areas dedicated to our beloved four-legged friends , allows anyone who has the opportunity to share the experience in Bari together with their dog who (especially those who love animals know this) are an integral part of the family .

Having said that, where is it possible to walk with your dog in Bari? or rather, what are the most suitable areas to visit Bari , in peace, together with your dog ?
Your priorities will certainly be two: avoiding particularly crowded areas and, above all, preventing your dog, whether small or large, from annoying or frightening anyone.

Well, after these good intentions we begin to suggest what may be good ideas for making your dog relax during a trip to Bari .

Walking along the Nazario Sauro seafront

Visiting Bari with your dog

Do you want to walk with your dog and breathe sea ?
Bari enjoys one of the most beautiful and longest seafronts in Europe , why not enjoy it together with your best friend? Wide pavement, iodine and skyline , all the useful features for walking your dog and enjoying Bari .

In Bari's living room

Off they shoot Bari with dog

Do you want to go shopping and visit the symbolic street of commerce in Bari ? Then you can't miss Via Sparano , the heart of the center of the Apulian capital . Thanks to a large pedestrian area, walking your dog will absolutely not be a problem. So… enjoy the windows of the prestigious shops!

Among the shops on Via Argiro

Near Via Sparano there is another street in Bari which is also very busy, it is Via Argiro . In this street you will find many shop windows and bars for tasty aperitifs , but despite the amount of people this street can also be considered for walking your dog during a walk in the centre .

Relax in the Park 2 June

Walking with dog in Bari park

Bari boasts a large park , it is called Parco 2 Giugno and is located in the Carrassi district . What's better than a park to let our dear friends have fun? Now there is also an area dedicated to them, and since it is also the largest park in the city (it is one of the attractions you can visit) you could combine business with pleasure.

In Piazza del Ferrarese

Piazza del Ferrarese Bari old town

Impossible not to notice it and not go there when you are in Bari .
Piazza del Ferrarese is one of the main entrances to the famous Bari Vecchia , as well as a large square in which you can walk in the company of your four-legged friend.
And if your furry friend needs to drink a little, there are bars and takeaways around you.

On the walls of Bari Vecchia

Bari Old seafront wall

The wall of Bari Vecchia is one of those most evocative routes you can take when you are in Bari , and thanks to its large spaces it is undoubtedly possible to take your beloved pet for a walk. Enjoy the view offered by the wall and your dog too .

On the beaches of Bari

Bread and tomato , Torre Quetta , Waterfront : you are spoiled for choice on where to perhaps enjoy a beautiful sunset with your dog . These spaces certainly allow you to go for a walk with your four-legged friend and at the same time enjoy a breathtaking skyline .
Besides, what dog wouldn't like to play with water? 😉

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