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Where to stop when going to Puglia? 5 reasons to choose Bari

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Do you want to come to Puglia and want to know where to stop? Here are 5 good reasons to choose to stay in Bari  


Where to stop in Puglia BariWhen you want to come to Puglia the first question that comes to mind is " where do I stop to go to Puglia?" “.
Well, surely the answer to this question is, most of the time, subjective in nature since it all depends on the time of year and everyone's needs.

However, there are also cases in which you want to come to Puglia , because maybe everyone says that Puglia is beautiful (and in fact it is) but you don't have the faintest idea of ​​which area of ​​Puglia to visit or in which strategic place to stay for enjoy it in all its facets. So here is a page that will certainly help you understand what could be the best place to stop in Puglia during a weekend or a summer holiday (perhaps 5-7 days) ; obviously in this answer it becomes inevitable to suggest the wonderful Bari and not only because we are on , but because there are several valid reasons for doing so.

However, one page would not be enough to list them all, but this section will do its best to group them into 5 good reasons which will certainly serve to clarify your ideas and, probably, help you hurry up in booking a flight to Bari .
Let it bet? 🙂 Read the above reasons now.

1) Bari is easy to reach

Where to stop in Puglia BariThe first good reason to choose Bari during your days in Puglia is definitely for the ease with which it is possible to reach it; Bari boasts a large international airport with many direct flights, both from Italy and abroad, as well as having a port (located right in front of the splendid old Bari ), a train station in the beating heart of Bari and finally an excellent highway.
In short, Bari can be reached by any means and, in some cases, even in a short time, which is why it deserves your consideration when considering accommodation. Comfort first of all, so if the trip starts off on the right foot you are already halfway there!

2) Bari is a beautiful seaside city

Stop in Puglia BariAnd does it seem like little to you?
Bari boasts a formidable landscape characterized first and foremost by its sea, but above all by its seafront , among the most beautiful and longest in Italy and Europe with its characteristic and unmistakable cast iron street lamps (197 along the coast) . This means that in addition to having the opportunity to visit a city rich in resources, beauty and history, you will be able to take advantage (especially in summer) of public beaches such as Pane & Pomodoro and Torre Quetta , two places where you can enjoy a few hours of sun, sunsets and splendid skylines of Bari . And what about Bari cuisine ? A seaside city like Bari can only delight you with its typical dishes and, above all, with its Bari-style raw seafood . An excellent solution to refresh yourself and set off again!

3) In the surroundings of Bari is the heart of Puglia

Stop in Bari Puglia surroundingsWhen we talk about Puglia we think not only of the splendid beaches of Salento (a couple of hours away from Bari) , but also of the Trulli of Alberobello , Polignano a Mare , the splendid Monopoli and the magnificent Castellana Caves ; not to mention Vieste, Castel del Monte, Ostuni (the white city) and the Itria Valley. These are just some of the many destinations offered by Puglia , all reachable in a short time starting from Bari thanks to the strategic position of this city (it is practically in the center of the region) which allows you to easily reach most of the main places of interest in the Puglia area. Every year thousands of tourists stay in the province of Bari, but above all in the Apulian capital ; that being said, you could be next!

4) You never get bored in Bari!

Stop in Puglia Bari nightlifeVery true, Bari is a large city and as such has everything you need to make your stay unique and memorable. From the historic center of Bari to the outskirts, this city offers an inexhaustible amount of places and venues to entertain, have fun or simply enjoy some moments of relaxation ; and if the desire for shopping overwhelms you, you have the possibility to choose between the most famous streets in the center such as Via Sparano and Corso Cavour or the large shopping centers near the main exits of the Bari ring road. If you are a lover of history and culture, then you will only be able to take into consideration the various museums and attractions present in the capital such as the Pinacoteca , the Castello Svevo and Bari Sotterranea (to name a few) . In short, you can't get bored in Bari.

5) From Bari you can reach the suggestive Sassi of Matera in an hour 

Sassi of Matera near BariNot just Puglia .
If you choose Bari as a base, you will have the opportunity to enjoy on one hand the most beautiful, typical and representative destinations of Puglia , and on the other to discover another historical heritage apparently far from Bari but, in fact, extremely close to the Apulian capital (we are talking about about an hour by car); these are the evocative Sassi of Matera , the town carved into the rock whose beauty has remained intact over time. Matera is a place where time seems to have stopped, so much so that it fascinates thousands of tourists who come from all over the world to visit it, but if you were to choose to stay in Bari you would be much closer than many others.
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