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Where to stop when going to Puglia? 5 reasons to choose

Do you want to come to Puglia and want to know where to stop? Here are 5 good reasons to choose to stay in Bari When you want to come to Puglia the first question that comes to mind is "where do I stop to go to Puglia?". Well, certainly the answer to this question is, most of the time, subjective in nature […] Find out more

Arrive from the port of Bari

The port of Bari, between cruise ships and ferries. Here's how to get to Puglia from the sea! The port of Bari, in addition to being one of the most important connections between Puglia and the Balkan peninsula, is also one of the main access points to the city of Bari, as well as one of the places most frequented by […] Find out more

Bourbon Lighthouse: the small lighthouse in the port

The Bourbon Lighthouse welcomes large ships entering and leaving the port of Bari every day. The Bourbon Lighthouse is a small stone lighthouse located on the pier in the oldest area of ​​the Port of Bari, near the cruise terminal. Active since 1887 (and modified in the following years), this small lighthouse […] Find out more

Ferries to Bari

Reaching Bari by ferry. What are the advantages if you come with a vehicle? There are several reasons that can push you to choose the ferry to reach Bari, however the choice is not that bad, especially if you leave from Durres, Dubrovnik and Bar and decide to take the ferry even a vehicle such as a car, a camper or a […] Find out more

What to know about Bari

Information, advice and curiosities to get to Bari and find out how to get around the capital. Here are some things that might arouse your curiosity. From the climate to travel, from interesting events and initiatives in the city to solutions for reaching Bari: by train, by plane or by car? Luckily, reaching Bari is absolutely not a […] Find out more