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The Planetarium, a journey between stars and planets

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An evocative journey into the Bari Planetarium, the largest in southern Italy


Planetarium of Bari PugliaLet yourself be involved in the evocative experience in the Bari Planetarium , the largest in Southern Italy .

Located inside the famous Fiera del Levante , the Bari Sky-Skan Planetarium boasts some of the most innovative and complex technologies in Europe that will make you experience a fascinating journey among the stars and planets that characterize the universe.


The Bari Planetarium can accommodate up to 150 people between adults and children and provides a different program every week on themes dedicated to astronomy and scientific disciplines (the program can be consulted on this link ).

Sky-Skan Planetarium BariThe shows at the Bari Planetarium normally take place on weekends (the ideal days to visit Bari) precisely from Friday to Sunday and also provide reductions on ticket costs for children aged between 4 and 10 years (check for any updates directly to the planetarium ).

For more information on reservations and costs, visit the following link directly:


Where is the Bari Planetarium located?

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