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How to get to Bari

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An emotional guide to Bari!

How to get to Bari? here are some ideas and useful information for your trip!

If you are deciding to come here to Puglia to visit Bari , know that the city has an airport , a train station , a port and a motorway . In short, Bari can be reached by any means, you just have to choose the solution that best suits your case.

But the most interesting aspect of this page is that BariExperience offers you, in a certain sense, the possibility of planning your trip thanks to some useful tools that could help you in searching, for example, for direct flights to Bari , rather than for tickets to ferries , rental cars and so on.

All you have to do is choose the theme that best reflects your needs and find out everything you need to know to be able to arrive in Bari prepared and with lots of enthusiasm.

Tourist info points

Where to ask for tourist information in Bari? Here are the 4 info points of the city. Tourist offices have always been real points of reference for travellers, especially when they are not

Seeing Bari Puglia for the first time

First time in Bari?

Some ideas and useful tips to best organize your first trip to Bari! Setting out to discover a place is always something extremely beautiful and fascinating, especially if

Port of Bari

Arrive from the port of Bari

The port of Bari, between cruise ships and ferries. Here's how to get to Puglia from the sea! The port of Bari, in addition to being one of the most important connections between

Book low cost Bari Puglia

Arrive in Bari by bus

Getting to Bari by bus: why not evaluate offers and low-cost trips? If you are on this page it is because you probably intend to buy a nice ticket to Bari, in

The best-selling tours to see Bari

Opportunities to fully experience the city! And if you have an unexpected event, cancellation is FREE .

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