BariExperience see visit Bari surroundings Puglia suggested by Turin Airport for tourist information on

2 June 2024 After Edelweiss Air, the website also suggests BariExperience to its users Image source: Another pleasant discovery adds to the results obtained by BariExperience. After the airline Edelweiss Air, part of the Lufthansa Group, which since connecting Zurich with Bari suggests for in-depth information on our city, the Airport [...] Find out more

Bari and Paris are also close in winter with direct flights

15 September 2021 Bari and Paris ever closer: direct Air France flights even during the winter In Bari there is a famous saying, very widespread in the capital, which reads "If Paris had the sea, it would be a small Bari". The origins of this jokey phrase are said to be associated with the architectural features of an area […] Find out more

Ryanair and Puglia: incredible offers for those who book by

23 March 2021 Ryanair's offers in view of summer 2021: in Bari there is an air of low-cost travel. It's true, one swallow does not make a summer, but these first warm temperatures are probably causing not only the engines of cars but also those of airlines that in the meantime are thinking about the future with […] Find out more

Sea, food and history: Bari dominates the scene in Puglia

10 August 2020 The approval rating of Puglia and especially of the Apulian capital rises: Bari loved by foreigners. The data provided by the Regional Tourism Observatory in Puglia for the 2019/2020 period confirm a positive trend regarding the number of presences in Puglia with focus particular on the city of Bari. In fact, Bari comes first in terms of number […] Find out more

A new record for Bari Airport

14 January 2020 Over 5 million people have passed through Bari airport. I would like to highlight some news that can only make a citizen of Bari like me proud. Bari Karol Wojtyla Airport reaches a new record and continues to let millions of people pass through Bari; specifically 5,531,580 […] Find out more

How to get to Bari

How to get to Bari? here are some ideas and useful information for your trip! If you are deciding to come here to Puglia to visit Bari, know that the city has an airport, a train station, a port and a motorway. In short, Bari can be reached by any means, you just have to choose the solution that best suits your case. But […] Find out more