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The Russian Orthodox Church: 

a sacred and evocative place in the heart of Bari


The Russian Orthodox church is one of the most characteristic places in Bari and its birth dates back to the 20th century.

Like the Basilica of San Nicola, this structure also represents a point of reference for devotees of San Nicola (the patron saint of the city of Bari ), a destination especially for pilgrims coming from the East.

Yes, because the pilgrimage of Orthodox Christian faithful to Bari cannot be traced back exclusively to Russia, but also to countries such as Romania, Serbia and Ukraine, to name a few.

Every year thousands of faithful come to Bari to venerate the city's patron saint, just as many are those welcomed by the Russian church which, since its construction, has become a true point of reference for Orthodox pilgrimages, as well as symbolically acting as bridge between east and west.

So when you come to Bari you certainly cannot forget to visit the Russian church, a place of peace, sacred and architecturally beautiful; the church is located in the Carrassi district , not very far from the city center, but it is advisable to go there by public transport.

PS: Don't forget your camera!

Where is the Russian Church located?

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