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“Fly” suggested by the Edelweiss Air website to discover Bari and Puglia


December 16, 2022

The website of the airline, of the Lufthansa Group, suggests to its users


Edelweiss flights Zurich Bari Puglia SwitzerlandA pleasant discovery that adds value to the image of Bari Experience. The airline Edelweiss Air , part of the Lufthansa Group , suggests for in-depth information on Bari and Puglia .

Edelweiss Air is a Swiss airline with its main base at Zurich-Kloten Airport, and from their platform it can be seen that from March 2023 it will be possible to take advantage of some direct flights to and from Bari airport. By virtue of this, the airline offers some information on Bari and surrounding areas, among these there is also a link that redirects the most curious to this site.

Here is the link to the page that talks about Bari

An honor for Bari Experience since Edelweiss is an airline that is also very attentive to the environment thanks to a series of actions aimed at offsetting CO2 and reducing noise emissions from aircraft, such as explained on their site .

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