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The Church in the Rock

The church carved into the rock: the suggestive Madonna della Grotta Sanctuary on the outskirts of Bari The Madonna della Grotta Sanctuary is a beautiful archaeological site surrounded by greenery and located on the outskirts of Bari. History has it that the origins of this structure date back to the 8th century and that throughout its history the church […] Find out more

The Nicolaian Museum

A fascinating journey into the history of San Nicola and the basilica: visit the Nicolaiano museum The basilica of San Nicola, one of the most prestigious and characteristic monuments of Bari, is undoubtedly among the places of absolute historical and religious value that must absolutely be seen and visited when you arrive in the Apulian capital. Saint Nicholas […] Find out more

Suggestive churches in Bari

From the splendid Basilica of San Nicola di Bari Vecchia to the churches on the outskirts of Bari. Bari is a city full of churches, from the largest and most majestic to the small and graceful ones. The churches of Bari are a historical and architectural heritage that the city preserves with great care, commitment and thoughtfulness, despite centuries of history behind it. From the heart […] Find out more

The imposing Cathedral of San Sabino

An example of Romanesque in Puglia: the Cathedral of San Sabino and the bell tower overlooking Bari Vecchia The Cathedral of San Sabino is one of the most characteristic examples of the Romanesque style in Puglia. Also visible in the distance thanks to an imposing bell tower, so important that it is present in many images depicting Bari, this […] Find out more

Symbols of Bari: the Basilica of San Nicola

Visit a sacred place in the city of Bari: the Basilica of San Nicola, in the heart of Bari Vecchia. Probably one of the first things to visit in Bari is the Basilica. Built and consecrated in 1197, the Basilica of San Nicola is one of the main symbols of the city of Bari and is among the monuments […] Find out more