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An example of Romanesque in Puglia: the Cathedral of San Sabino and the bell tower overlooking Bari Vecchia


The Cathedral of San Sabino is one of the most characteristic examples of the Romanesque style in Puglia .
Also visible from afar thanks to an imposing bell tower, so important that it is present in many images depicting Bari , this Cathedral was built around the 13th century, is located near the Castello Svevo , precisely at the gates of Bari Vecchia , and is the episcopal seat of the Catholic archdiocese of Bari-Bitonto.

The church , with a style very similar to that of the Basilica of San Nicola , has undergone a series of renovations, demolitions and structural modifications over time, including the removal of some Baroque style .

Today the church is much visited by tourists both for its beauty and for its historical testimony; it preserves important elements of Bari's thousand-year history ; in fact in the sub-corps of the cathedral it is possible to visit the remains of an ancient Byzantine cathedral, streets from the Roman , frescoes and small structures of the time; a story within a story.

In fact, the basement of the church is the second stage of the " Bari Sotterranea " , a cultural journey aimed at discovering Byzantine remains, burial grounds, very ancient houses, shops and wells of inestimable historical value present in the subsoil of the ancient village of Bari .

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Where is the Cathedral of San Sabino located?

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