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The church carved into the rock:
the evocative Madonna della Grotta Sanctuary on the outskirts of Bari


The Madonna della Grotta Sanctuary is a beautiful archaeological site surrounded by greenery and located on the outskirts of Bari .

History tells that the origins of this structure date back to the 8th century and that throughout its history the church hosted first Basilian and then Benedictine monks, and then became not only a place of prayer, but also a refuge for rest and relaxation. refreshment of the crusaders.

Inside the sanctuary the tunnel of St. Corrado and his tomb , where the saint's remains were kept for around 170 years before being exhumed by the Molfetta people to proclaim him the patron saint of Molfetta .

Madonna Grotta Sanctuary BariThis place of prayer, very characteristic and evocative , has over time also become a destination for pilgrimages and spiritual retreats ; a sanctuary where silence and nature are the setting for an engaging experience to say the least.

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Where is the Madonna della Grotta sanctuary located?

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