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Information, advice and curiosities to get to Bari and find out how to get around the capital

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From the climate to travel , from interesting events and initiatives in the city to the solutions for reaching Bari : by train, by plane or by car?

Luckily, reaching Bari is absolutely not a problem, you just have to choose the method most in line with your needs. In the meantime, before you can decide, try consulting some sections proposed by Bari Experience to facilitate your program, as well as this experience in the capital of Puglia !

Reach Bari direct flights

How to get to Bari

How to get to Bari? here are some ideas and useful information for your trip! If you are deciding to come here to Puglia to visit Bari, know that the city has an airport, a railway station, a

Seeing Bari Puglia for the first time

First time in Bari?

Some ideas and useful tips to best organize your first trip to Bari! Setting out to discover a place is always something extremely beautiful and fascinating, especially if the trip in question is aimed at

Tourist info points

Where to ask for tourist information in Bari? Here are the 4 info points of the city. Tourist offices have always been real points of reference for travellers, especially when they have not been able to plan

Climate in Bari

The climate in Bari

What is the best time to visit Bari and Puglia? When we decide to take a trip or a weekend there is always a doubt that assails us: but what is the weather there? what me

Living and buying a house in Bari Puglia

Would you like to live in Bari?

GUEST POST Feeling more from Bari than a tourist: Here are some suggestions for investing and buying a house in Bari This section of the blog is dedicated to real estate tourism, as well as to those who wish to experience Bari (capital of the splendid

Do you love Puglia and would like to buy a house? Here's what to know

GUEST POST The dream of many foreign tourists is to be able to buy a house in Puglia. Here are some guidelines Are you looking for a house in Puglia? The requests of foreign buyers to buy a house in Puglia

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