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Discovering Bari Vecchia, the oldest village in the city: alleys, squares and traditions waiting to be discovered!


see streets of Bari VecchiaThe old city is that place where, walking through the alleys , you can breathe in the air of history, tradition and habits handed down from generation to generation.

For this reason it is impossible to come to Bari and not pass through the old city, a historic place where history can be read in its buildings, churches, shops and commercial activities.


You will pass between stone streets , arches and very ancient buildings and between one street and another you will also have the opportunity to meet ladies who still today continue to sell homemade products typical of Bari such as orecchiette, taralli, fried panzerotti and vegetables in oil.

Old Bari Bari Apulian OrecchietteThere is one street in particular, it is called Strada Arco Basso , which has been baptized "the street of the orecchiette" because every morning a group of local women stand outside their homes to prepare fresh pasta, as well as the delicious Barese orecchiette. .

It goes without saying that this street is very popular with tourists who, obviously, make an effort to take photos of the housewives and to get advice on the best condiments to accompany the unmistakable taste of the orecchiette .

If you are a history lover, the ancient village has everything you need: you can visit the Basilica of San Nicola , the cathedral of San Sabino , the Norman-Swabian castle and many other places, all in the historic center and all to be discovered.

If you want more information on what to see in Bari, consult the section that talks about places and monuments to see .

Some photos of Bari Vecchia, Puglia

Where is Bari Vecchia located?

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