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Month: October 2019

An ice cream under the lighthouse

A sweet entertainment with the sound of the waves and the beauty of the Bari lighthouse. If you love the sea and adore its atmosphere, what's better than a sea at the foot of a lighthouse? The San Cataldo lighthouse is undoubtedly among the most historic and long-lived structures in the city of Bari; built in 1869 on […] Find out more

Relax in the Park 2 June

The largest green area in Bari where you can breathe pure air, relax and enjoy nature. Parco 2 Giugno is the largest park in the city of Bari. Since 1987, the year of its birth, it has become an entertainment and meeting point for many young people, elderly people and families. The 2 June park is not just a place to relax but […] Find out more

The aperitif in Poggiofranco

Poggiofranco, the heart of modern Bari and nightlife The Poggiofranco district is one of the most modern districts of the city. It experienced strong development around the 1990s and still continues its strong expansion today with new buildings intended for homes and commercial activities. Being full of clubs and some hotels […] Find out more

A walk along the Bari seafront

The walk along the Bari seafront, among the most beautiful in Italy The Bari seafront, in addition to being one of the most characteristic places in the city, is also considered among the most beautiful in Italy and among the longest in Europe . This alone would be enough to convince you to take a nice and pleasant walk along the coast of […] Find out more

At the Old Port

The old port of Bari between history, traditions, nightlife... and culture of Bari-style raw seafood The old port of Bari, also called in Bari "N-dèrre la lanze", is one of the most historic, traditional places and which best represents those characteristic traits of the Bari tradition handed down over generations. The old port, located between the pier […] Find out more

The shopping streets

Want to shop? here are the most popular streets of Bari for shopping. If the desire to go shopping overwhelms you, there is something for you in Bari. The city has always been a place of trade and above all of commercial activities, and with the Murat district all this has extended […] Find out more

The pilgrimage to the Russian Church

The Russian Orthodox Church: a sacred and evocative place in the heart of Bari The Russian Orthodox church is one of the most characteristic places in Bari and its birth dates back to the 20th century. Like the Basilica of San Nicola, this structure also represents a point of reference for devotees of San Nicola [...] Find out more

What to see in Bari in 3 days

Do you only have 3 days to visit Bari? Here's how many places and monuments there are to see. If your trip to Bari lasts three days then you really have many interesting places to visit. Bari is rich in historical and cultural monuments that deserve to be explored. You cannot overlook, for example, the picturesque center […] Find out more

What to see in Bari in 2 days

What to see in Bari in two days? Monuments and places to visit in the capital of Puglia What to visit in Bari in 2 days? you are in the right place. With two days available your experience in Bari becomes even more intense. You can see the most beautiful and interesting places in Bari even if you have […] Find out more

What to see in Bari in 1 day

What to see in Bari in one day? you can visit different places, more than you can imagine! If you are wondering what to see in Bari in one day, here you will find some useful suggestions to be able to visit the main attractions of the city in a short time. Does your experience in Bari last just one day? nothing to […] Find out more