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The old port of Bari between history, traditions, nightlife... and culture of Bari-style raw seafood


The old port of Bari , also known in Bari as "N-dèrre la lanze", is one of the most historic, traditional places and which best represents those characteristic features of the Bari tradition handed down over the generations.

The old port , located between the S.Nicola pier and the S.Antonio pier, is famous for being a point of reference for fishermen for docking their boats , but above all for hosting the fish market where you can see (but also savor) the catch of the day mainly oriented towards raw seafood.

Seafood is a tradition that Bari has carried on since the dawn of time and which are still the workhorses of Bari tables today.

The people of Bari are also generous, so when you pass by the old port, precisely in the fish market area, you might find (if you are lucky) some fisherman who, to welcome you or convince you to buy from him, will be willing to let you taste something of his catch .

Today the area of ​​the old port is not only a place for fishermen but also a meeting point for young people; in fact, it is at dusk that the kids begin to gather (especially in summer) at the S.Nicola pier in the company of a beer and lots of laughter.

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Here you try Bari street food!

Raw sea urchins from BariMaybe you don't know, in fact, you definitely don't know but now you will know. The old port of Bari , or San Nicola , is the temple of Bari-style raw seafood .

Raw seafood, in Bari, is a widespread practice in every square meter of this splendid seaside city, so much so that it is even included in the list of the famous Bari street food complete with Peroni in tow (another typical Bari must) .

The raw seafood in question are generally sea urchins, mussels, squid, octopus, cuttlefish, pupils and so on and so forth; it is a very fresh catch that the people of Bari love to eat raw , therefore not cooked, to be able to fully enjoy the taste and scent of the sea.

Where is the Old Port located?

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